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ChristianaCare’s Gene Editing Institute is a true, traditional wet bench laboratory where cutting-edge expertise and hands-on investigation are driving new technologies and therapies. Our teams do basic science to advance the science of gene editing and pursue key avenues to translate new understanding into promising treatments.

Innovative research at the Gene Editing Institute is performed by two complementary teams: the Discovery Team focuses on the mechanism and basic science of CRISPR gene editing, while the Translation Science Team focuses on aggressively testing the boundaries of these innovative gene editing strategies and tools to bring them to the clinic quickly and with greatest efficacy.

Translational Sciences

The Translational Science Team is the bridge between research and practice, applying cutting-edge techniques to ensure that new gene therapies are safe, effective, and ready to bring to the bedside.

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Discovery Research

The Discovery Research Team is the Institute’s engine for innovation, advancing the science of gene editing with important discoveries and powerful new tools and expanding our understanding of genetic diseases and DNA repair.

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