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ChristianaCare’s Gene Editing Institute brings all-female team of scientists from Delaware to teach gene editing with CRISPR in a BoxTM at all-girls high school in North Carolina

Students at Salem Academy first to learn with the innovative tool in North Carolina as interest grows nationwide

ChristianaCare’s Gene Editing Institute and DETV produce video series to engage high school students in the latest biomedical technologies and encourage them to pursue scientific career

CRISPR in a Box Educational ToolkitTM – a gene editing experiment developed by the Gene Editing Institute for teaching – and the videos are already being used in classrooms in Delaware; Goal to reach students of color

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Upcoming Presentations

Future Genomics 2022

Date: 29th June 2022

Location: London, UK

Presenter: Dr. Eric Kmiec

12th International Conference: Human Genetics and Genetic Diseases

Date: 25th July 2022

Location: Toronto, Canada

Presenter: Dr. Eric Kmiec

7th International Conference: Cancer Research & Drug Development

Date: 24th October 2022

Location: Baltimore, MD

Presenter: Dr. Eric Kmiec

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Scientific Publications

Exon skipping induced by CRISPR-directed gene editing regulates the response to chemotherapy in non-small cell lung carcinoma cells

Authors: Banas K, Modarai S, Rivera-Torres N, Yoo B-C, Bialk P, Barrett C, Batish M, Kmiec EB

Journal: Gene Therapy, 2021

A toolmaker’s perspective on CRISPR-directed gene editing as a therapeutic strategy for leukemia and beyond

Authors: Kmiec EB, Bloh K

Journal: Expert Reviews in Hematology, 2021

A Consensus Model of Homology-Directed Repair Initiated by CRISPR/Cas Activity

Authors: Bloh K, Rivera-Torres N

Journal: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2021

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