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The ChristianaCare Gene Editing Institute accelerates breakthroughs in CRISPR gene editing to improve human health.

Accelerating Discovery. Advancing Treatment.

Driven by its urgent mission to develop disease-conquering therapies, the Gene Editing Institute both accelerates the science and hones the precision of gene editing. The scientific discoveries of the Institute have led to the development of a highly innovative lung cancer therapy to test CRISPR gene editing in solid tumors for the first time.

Translational Sciences

The Gene Editing Institute’s extraordinary team of gene scientists, with input from ChristianaCare oncologists, is pursuing new, life-extending solutions for patients with solid tumors.

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Gene Editing 360™

Gene Editing 360™ has everything you need to introduce your students to the science behind CRISPR gene editing and launch them on a new journey of learning and discovery.

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Discovery Research

The Gene Editing Institute supports researchers with the tools to do their work more quickly and precisely and seeks ways to make these tools safe and effective for knocking out cancer or genetic diseases like sickle cell. The team developed the first CRISPR tool to repair DNA outside the human cell.

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Community Care and Scientific Innovation

Because it operates within ChristianaCare, a world-class community health care system, the Gene Editing Institute brings a unique patient focus to the cutting-edge science of CRISPR gene editing.