Lab Members

Natalia Rivera-Torres

Natalia Rivera-Torres , Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

B.S. University of Puerto Rico

M.S. Delaware State University

Ph.D. University of Delaware

Natalia Rivera-Torres, Ph.D., is a research scientist whose work has led to a fundamental understanding of how gene repair is carried out in human cells and how this process may vary in a variety of different patient samples. She also is credited with elucidating the mechanism of homology-directed repair in human cells in a process known as Single-Strand Template Repair (SSTR) or ExACT, Excision, And Corrective Therapy. She is now the Principal Investigator of the Precision Genomics group at the Gene Editing Institute. Her group focuses on identifying new clinically-relevant genomic targets for which CRISPR-directed gene editing can be utilized as a therapeutic modality.