Lab Members

London McGill

London McGill , M.S.

Staff Scientist

B.S. Temple University

M.S. Temple University

London’s research interest is in developing novel tools and gene editing strategies for use in targeting and treating pancreatic ductile adenocarcinoma. She received her Masters at Temple University in 2019, where she investigated the connection between pancreatitis, Type 2 diabetes, and ductal adenocarcinoma.  Currently, she works as a member of the Genome Technologies Group, where she leads the design and implementation of CRISPR/Cas gene editing strategies for clients in Genome Editing Services. Here, her focus is on research and development of new tools for increasing precise repair and knockout efficiencies using CRISPR/Cas systems. Her protocols and research models have been utilized throughout the Institute, including in the pre-clinical development of lung cancer therapies by the Oncology Group. In her downtime, London volunteers as a fire and EMS lieutenant at Community Fire Company of Perryville.