Lab Members

London McGill

London McGill , M.S.

Ph.D. Student

Staff Scientist

B.S. Temple University

M.S. Temple University

London joined the Gene Editing Institute after receiving her M.S. in Biotechnology at Temple University in 2019. At the Gene Editing Institute, London has been involved in many projects, such as leading the design and implementation of CRISPR/Cas gene editing strategies in house and for external clients. Additionally, she has identified new clinically relevant targets for which CRISPR-directed gene editing can be utilized as a potential therapeutic. London’s research and development of new tools for increasing precise repair and knockout efficiencies has led to protocols and research models that are used throughout the institute including pre-clinical development of lung cancer therapies.

As a PhD student, London’s research focus is using CRISPR-directed gene editing to restore chemotherapy sensitivity in patients with pancreatic ductile adenocarcinoma. This research focus builds from her M.S. work at Temple University where she investigated the connection between type 2 diabetes, pancreatitis, and pancreatic ductile adenocarcinoma.

London is a huge advocate for education and striving to reach your goals no matter the circumstances. Every day, she works to push science further and takes pride in being a role model for future women in STEM, especially her daughter.