Lab Members

Brett Sansbury

Brett Sansbury , Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

B.S. Wesley College

Ph.D. University of Delaware

Dr. Brett Sansbury is a Research Scientist and Leader of the Discovery Research Group at the Gene Editing Institute. Brett received her Ph.D. in 2020 from the University of Delaware. While obtaining her doctorate, she developed a novel in vitro system for studying gene editing to define the mechanisms of CRISPR-directed gene editing in a cell-free environment. She was the prime experimentalist to further define the diversity of genetic outcomes as a function of CRISPR-directed gene editing in human cells. The research done utilizing this system has produced seminal manuscripts on the mechanism of action and regulatory circuitry that surrounds human gene editing. This work has garnered a great deal of international recognition both in the scientific and popular press. She is now directing the Discovery Group in investigating both complex mechanistic factors that influence CRISPR-directed gene editing outcomes and elucidating how CRISPR acts within diverse patient populations.