The Future of Gene Editing Starts Here

The Gene Editing Institute provides an opportunity for all students to develop the skills needed to explore careers in gene editing and put CRISPR technology into practice.

The Future of Gene Editing Starts Here

Gene Editing 360TM:
Tools for a Journey of Discovery

Gene Editing 360TM is a suite of highly flexible educational tools designed to launch high school and college students on a journey of learning and discovery about the fundamentals of CRISPR gene editing technology.

Crispr Education


At the heart of Gene Editing 360TM is CRISPR in a BoxTM, a teaching toolkit that provides students in high schools, community colleges, universities, and remote classrooms with a unique, hands-on learning experience in CRISPR gene editing. The Gene Editing Institute developed CRISPR in a BoxTM with support from the National Science Foundation and in partnership with Rockland Immunochemicals and Delaware Technical Community College. The kit can be purchased from Rockland Immunochemicals, Carolina Biological Company and from Avantor/VWR.

CRISPR in the ClassroomTM

This free video series introduces high school students to CRISPR gene editing, including a look at its potential for addressing sickle cell disease.

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Monthly Workshops

The Gene Editing Institute hosts free monthly workshops in the Ammon Pinizzotto Biopharmaceutical Innovation Center on UD's STAR campus where participants complete a gene editing experiment using CRISPR technology and engage with CRISPR in a BoxTM experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By working with CRISPR in a BoxTM, you're giving all students an opportunity to explore a career in gene editing, discovering next-generation cures and diagnostics for diseases like cancer and sickle cell anemia. Through this training, they will learn the fundamentals of CRISPR gene editing.
CRISPR in a BoxTM is geared toward ambitious high schools, community colleges, and universities.
Students will learn the fundamentals of CRISPR gene editing, as well as basic laboratory techniques that are used throughout the field. Students perform a hands-on gene editing experiment, including a live readout within non-infectious E. coli bacteria. These experiments follow a gene editing reaction from beginning to end while teaching students the techniques scientists use to perform these reactions in real laboratory environments.
CRISPR in a BoxTM does not use live human cultures or viruses. The cell-free system allows students to complete the reaction “in a tube” rather than within a living cell. This cell-free method allows students to more accurately learn and analyze the steps involved in a typical gene editing reaction.
CRISPR technology is the future of gene editing and biomedical research. All students should have an opportunity to explore careers in this field, discovering next-generation cures and diagnostics for diseases like cancer and sickle cell anemia.
Basic biology laboratory equipment is required to teach CIAB i.e. Micropipettes, microcentrifuge, refridgerator, freezer etc.
CRISPR in a BoxTM is completely safe as it does not use any live human cultures or viruses.
To teach CRISPR in a BoxTM, you need basic biology and microbiology skills. Micropipetting is essential, and an understanding of DNA is beneficial.
We host free monthly workshops where you can meet CRISPR experts while learning about CRISPR gene editing.
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