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The Future of Gene Editing Starts Here

DECODRTM (Deconvolution of Complex DNA Repair) provides a convenient and user-friendly method to quantify the edits present in CRISPR-edited Sanger sequencing data.

Using a computationally efficient algorithm, DECODRTM has virtually no limit on indel size (can quantify deletions several hundred bp long) and can determine the identity of inserted bases. DECODRTM supports batch analysis, in which several sequencing files can be analyzed at a time.

To use DECODRTM, all you need to do is perform standard Sanger sequencing reactions on your experimental files. The resulting .ab1 files can be uploaded to DECODRTM, and after providing either a text or .ab1 file for the reference sequence, simply submit your files for analysis to receive near NGS-level clarity in your output. For more information on DECODRTM, see our paper in The CRISPR Journal.

DECODRTM is available free of charge for all non-profit and academic use on the LatchBio platform. It is also available for licensing by for-profit institutions.

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