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In a short time, CRISPR gene editing has transformed biology and the field is still in its infancy. However, it has become increasingly apparent that, despite its speed in design and implementation, accurate CRISPR edits remain difficult and time-consuming in many cases. In addition, scientists using CRISPR are blessed by an overabundance of valuable data but few computational tools to analyze it. As a result, researchers wait days to weeks for results that should only take hours.

Since 2015, the Gene Editing Institute has been at the forefront of gene editing to improve human health. The Institute stands ready to help other researchers with a suite

of software and professional services focused on realizing the full potential of CRISPR gene editing. The Institute also pioneered the development of DECODR™, the most accurate Sanger-based deconvolution and analysis software available, which is free to use for all academic and non-profit research institutions.

Experts at the institute have also introduced “gene editing on a chip” and CRISPR in a Box™ technologies—educational and research tools that have reshaped how gene editing is performed and taught around the world.

Gene Editing 360™

Gene Editing 360™ is a suite of highly-flexible educational tools designed to launch high school and college students on a journey of learning and discovery about the fundamentals of CRISPR gene editing technology.

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DECODR™ (DEconvolution of COmplex DNA Repair) provides a convenient and user-friendly method to quantify the edits present in CRISPR-edited Sanger sequencing data. DECODR is available free of charge for all non-profit and academic use on the LatchBio platform. It is also available for licensing by for-profit institutions.

Scientist using DECODR. Scientist using DECODR.