Steven Yang, M.D., Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Yang's major focus is to develop non-viral and viral gene delivery system for efficient genetically engineering immune cells ex vivo and gene delivery to tumors in pre-clinical tumor-bearing models.

Dr. Yang’s education and working experience include an MD and Ph.D. in immune-oncology, postdoctoral training, and a faculty appointment at several prestigious medical institutions including the University of Pennsylvania, National Cancer Institute, and Duke University. Dr. Yang was a pioneer in the early development of RNAi technology, and most noteworthy he and his colleagues optimized the viral- based gene delivery system for efficient genetic engineering of T cells, and that was commercialized for CAR T development.

As current appointment at Christiana Care as Senior Research Scientist, a Pre-clinical group leader in Oncology, Dr. Yang is dedicated to the viral and non-viral mediated gene delivery system in vitro and in vivo, including but not limited to, AAV, lentiviral vector, and lipid nanoparticle, etc. Dr. Yang will elaborate on the CRISPR/Cas9 to perturb the tumor driver mutations, such as Nrf2, EGFRvIII, and BRAF in lung cancer, malignant brain tumor, and melanoma. Dr. Yang has a track record of innovations illustrated by his publications and patents and has successfully translated the viral-based gene delivery system and engineered CAR T/TCR T from the proof of principle in bench works to phase I clinical trials.  With his extensive knowledge, and unique combined training in the area of gene therapy, immune-oncology, and gene editing, Dr. Yang looks forward to developing some novel therapeutics towards unmet medical needs to improve the quality of life in cancer patients.