Amanda Hewes, M.S.

Education Program Manager

B.S. University of Delaware
M.S. University of Delaware

Amanda Hewes is a Staff Scientist II and a key member of the Discovery Group. In collaboration with Dr. Brett Sansbury, Amanda contributed heavily to the elucidation of the mechanism and consequences of precise and error-prone CRISPR-directed gene editing repair. She is an author on the seminal papers that established the gene editing on a chip paradigm. She continues that work using the in vitro system to further elucidate the implications of point mutation repair and how the location of these mutations can affect gene editing outcomes. She has established a model system to translate the in vitro observations into cell-based systems using a standard reporter gene that should be able to provide some quantitative data on the activity of CRISPR directed gene editing. These results could lead to strategies that will enable the prediction of genetic outcomes of gene editing protocols destined for clinical trials.