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Gene Editing Institute & The Wistar Institute Partnership

To accelerate breakthrough cancer research in the human genome, the Gene Editing Institute at ChristianaCare’s Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute has entered into an agreement with The Wistar Institute. The agreement expands the historic partnership between the Graham Cancer Center, one of the nation’s largest community cancer centers, and Wistar, the nation’s first National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center dedicated solely to biomedical research. In this partnership, the Gene Editing Institute will be integrated into Wistar’s Molecular Screening Facility, which will allow its innovative gene-editing technologies to be made available to research projects at Wistar and to external users.

Wistar’s Molecular Screening Facility is a resource for early-phase drug discovery and development, providing expertise in bridging automated technology with the development of innovative assays for high-throughput chemical and functional genomic screens. Partnership between the Gene Editing Institute and The Wistar Institute’s Molecular Screening Facility expands capabilities of the Molecular Screening Facility, providing an enhanced pipeline from lead generation to pre-clinical development for researchers at ChristianaCare, The Wistar Institute and the greater research community. For more information review our services and contact the Wistar Molecular Screening Facility.

Gene Editing Know-how that Enables Science

Genome customization is one of the most exciting, innovative and quickly evolving areas of biomedical research. With new technologies including TALENs and CRISPR/Cas9 and their modified variants, mammalian genome editing is within the technical capabilities of the case majority of skilled scientists. However, deploying the gene editing process is fraught with significant challenges and even the most skilled practitioners rely on and benefit from proper planning and support to ensure that their experimental approach has a reasonable chance of success.

The Gene Editing Institute, located in the Center for Translational Cancer Research at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute, is on the cutting edge of genomic research and innovation. With the Wistar Institute, the Gene Editing Institute is a shared facility dedicated to design and production of the latest gene editing tools, such as TALENs and CRISPR/Cas9, as well as offering extensive consultation in the design, implementation and analysis of results using these tools.

The Gene Editing Institute offers both products and consultation-for-fee services, allowing researchers access to the best tools for performing precise, accurate gene editing in the widest variety of biological systems. This expertise enables our clients to utilize the most appropriate gene editing tool for each experiment, and our consultation opens the door for researchers to analyze their results with the latest software and analytical methods. Our strides along the cutting edge of the gene editing field let our staff develop and implement novel methods and technologies as required to fulfill the needs of our clients. Our consultation services also allow for education and training in the intricacies of this exploding scientific field. Overall, this combination of services and products will let any researcher, at any level of gene editing experience, design and perform their experiments with the finest quality tools and avuncular resources available.