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Leading Software Tool for Analyzing CRISPR gene editing Using Sanger Sequencing

DECODR (Deconvolution of Complex DNA Repair) is the leading industry software tool for analyzing complex CRISPR Sanger sequencing data, providing easy-to-read, manageable, and rigorously backed outputs – in seconds.


  • DECODRTM is the most accurate, most rigorous software tool that uses Sanger sequences to analyze CRISPR gene editing data.
  • It’s user-friendly. DECODRTM is intended to be used by any biologist—not just bioinformaticians.
  • It’s fast. Whereas some software tools take hours to produce results, DECODRTM provides you with quality data in a highly readable format in seconds.
  • To get results with DECODRTM, you need only three inputs: your unedited DNA sequence, guide-RNA sequence, and the Sanger sequence data.
  • With DECODR, you get publication-ready data.
  • It’s affordable. The use of Sanger sequencing analysis makes DECODRTM much less expensive than next-generation sequencing tools. Academic and nonprofit users can access DECODRTM for free on our website
  • There is a data-secure option. Users who want to maintain complete control of their data can license the DECODRTM source code, which can be modified to complement your existing analytical workflows.
  • DECODRTM is highly respected. It is used globally and has received high praise.

To access DECODRTM

  • Academic and nonprofit users can access the full range of DECODRTM capabilities for free on our website (no source code).


“DECODR is ideal for transgenic cores such as ours because it allows for fast, cheap and reliable deciphering of almost any type of genome editing outcomes. I highly recommend it for screening newly generated models.”

Fabien Delerue, Head, Genome Editing at Macquarie (GEM)
Group Leader, Dementia Research Centre (DRC)
Macquarie University

DECODR is an innovative tool and a substantial contribution to democratizing gene-editing. It is also very well built and designed, setting a high bar for scientific tooling.

Alfredo Andere
Co-Founder and CEO
Latch Bio