Scientific Publications


Homology directed correction, a new pathway model for point mutation repair catalyzed by CRISPR-Cas

Authors: Sansbury BM, Hewes AM, Tharp OM, Masciarelli SB, Kaouser S, Kmiec EB

Journal: Nature, Scientific Reports, 2022

Exon skipping induced by CRISPR-directed gene editing regulates the response to chemotherapy in non-small cell lung carcinoma cells

Authors: Banas K, Modarai S, Rivera-Torres N, Yoo B-C, Bialk P, Barrett C, Batish M, Kmiec EB

Journal: Gene Therapy, 2022


A toolmaker’s perspective on CRISPR-directed gene editing as a therapeutic strategy for leukemia and beyond

Authors: Kmiec EB, Bloh K

Journal: Expert Reviews in Hematology, 2021

A Consensus Model of Homology-Directed Repair Initiated by CRISPR/Cas Activity

Authors: Bloh K, Rivera-Torres N

Journal: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2021

On the Origins of Homology Directed Repair in Mammalian Cells

Authors: Sansbury S, Kmiec EB

Journal: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2021

A complete methodology for the instruction of CRISPR-based gene editing using a simplified cell-free extract system with genetic readout in bacteria

Authors: Pisarcik K, Sansbury BM, Kmiec EB

Journal: CRISPR-Cas Methods. Springer Protocols Handbooks, 2021

Deconvolution of complex DNA repair DECODR: Establishing a novel deconvolution algorithm for comprehensive analysis of CRISPR-edited Sanger sequencing data

Authors: Bloh K, Kanchana R, Bialk P, Zhang Z, Yoo, B-C, Kmiec EB

Journal: CRISPR Journal, 2021

Precise and error-prone CRISPR-directed gene editing activity in human CD34+ cells varies widely among patient samples.

Authors: Modarai S, Kanda S, Bloh K, Opdenaker L, Kmiec EB

Journal: Gene Therapy, 2021


The diversity of genetic outcomes from CRISPR/Cas gene editing is regulated by the length of the symmetrical donor DNA template

Authors: Hewes AM, Sansbury BM, Kmiec EB

Journal: Genes (Tenth Anniversary Issue), 2020

Modeling pediatric AML FLT3 mutations using CRISPR/Cas12a- mediated gene editing

Authors: Rivera-Torres N, Banas K, Kmiec EB

Journal: Leukemia & Lymphoma, 2020