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Gene Editing 360™ has everything you need to introduce your students to the science behind CRISPR gene editing and launch them on a new journey of learning and discovery. For more information, call 302-623-5306 or contact us here.

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Tools for Teaching the Fundamentals of CRISPR Gene Editing

All students should have an opportunity to develop the skills they need to explore careers in gene editing, discovering next-generation cures and diagnostics for diseases like cancer and sickle cell anemia.

Gene Editing 360TM is a highly adaptable suite of educational tools designed to engage STEM students across educational settings in the fundamentals of CRISPR gene editing technology. It has four components:

CRISPR in A Box™

At the heart of Gene Editing 360TM is the educational kit known as CRISPR in a BoxTM , a teaching toolkit that provides students in high schools, community colleges, universities, and remote classrooms with a unique, hands-on learning experience in CRISPR gene editing. The Gene Editing Institute developed CRISPR in a BoxTM with support from the National Science Foundation and is marketing and selling the kit globally in partnership with Delaware Technical Community College and Rockland Immunochemicals.

This free video series introduces high school students to CRISPR gene editing, explores its potential for addressing sickle cell disease, and includes a discussion among scientists at the Gene Editing Institute on how to improve trust among minority communities in medical research.

CRISPR In the Classroom

Monthly Workshops

The GEI hosts free monthly workshop on  the University of Delaware’s STAR Campus, in the Ammon Pinizzotto Biopharmaceutical Innovation Center. At these workshops, participants complete a gene editing experiment developed in-house, using CRISPR technology. Participants have the opportunity to engage with CRISPR in a BoxTM experts while learning from teachable moments about CRISPR gene editing.

Free Access to DECODR

The Gene Editing Institute developed DECODRTM, the leading industry software tool for running complex CRISPR data through Sanger sequencing analysis and generating easy-to-read and rigorously backed reports in just a matter of seconds.