Behind the Scenes with DETV

Over the past couple of months, the Gene Editing Institute has been collaborating with media partner DETV to explore the impact of gene editing within the African American community in Wilmington, Delaware. It has been a journey – and no stone has been left unturned. Actively pursuing diversity, and encouraging equitable participation in gene editing and other biotech sectors, is an opportunity to correct disparities. The effects of sickle cell disease on the minority community are described through first-hand discussions with individuals and physicians who are eagerly awaiting improvements. And now, a genomic-based cure for sickle cell disease is within reach. How can community members support this work, and even participate in it, as the field develops at lightspeed? What is the ethical reality that needs to be considered?

The series, which will be called Our Teachable Moment: Gene Editing for Sickle Cell Disease, will also highlight the experience of our lab members in their careers and what influenced them to join this field. GEI expects to share this multifaceted series with educators and students when it is finished this summer.