Highlighting the Work of our Genome Engineering Group

This week, Pawel Bialk, MS, Lead for the Gene Editing Institute’s Genome Engineering Group, presented an overview for University of Delaware researchers on genome engineering in mammalian cells.

GEI’s step-by step process is carefully designed to apply CRISPR to the generation of clonally derived genetically modified mammalian cell lines with genomic knock-outs (KO) and knock-ins (KI).

In addition to walking through our genome engineering process, Pawel discussed known and emerging CRISPR Applications, including DNA targeting, disease modeling, pathway analysis, target validation, and drug screening, among others.

The Genome Engineering Group members are expert problem solvers in using CRISPR for gene editing. Their insights cover a full range of subjects from delivery mode and guide-RNA choice to knock-in template design, single-cell cloning, multiplexing and assessment of genomic profiles after CRISPR editing using ChristianaCare’s DECODR sequence analysis software. For more information about Gene Editing Institute consulting and research engagements, please contact Pawel Bialk.